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Eko Resort

Eko Bel Mon Resort

Electric car charging station

We make sure that Bel Mon Resort is an environmentally friendly place. We want our guests to be able to visit us using electric cars and not have to worry about charging their vehicles. It is for you that we have decided to have a vehicle charging station on the premises of our resort. We know that there is still a shortage of charging stations in Poland, so we are responding to our guests' needs, providing them with the comfort of not only staying with us but also coming and going.

Eko Bel Mon Resort

Photovoltaics used in the Resort

Since the very beginning, our resort has been committed to renewable energy sources and has used photovoltaics. This is an economical, but above all ecological solution. It allows us to use inexhaustible energy and has a beneficial effect on the environment. Thanks to the energy obtained from the sun, we are able to reduce not only the amount of electricity bills, but also provide comfort and greater safety to our guests.

Eko Bel Mon Resort

BMS - a hotel control system focused on savings

The BMS or Building Management System is the management system we use in our resort. Its main task is to integrate various installations used in the facility. It allows for effective and economical management. The BMS controls the operating parameters of the equipment and also informs about problems and possible failures. This solution allows us to optimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs, guarantees an increase in the building's safety and, above all, increases the comfort of guests staying at Bel Mon Resort.

Eko Bel Mon Resort

Electric bikes

We make sure that your time at Bel Mon Resort is a moment of relaxation. Visiting the surroundings of the resort is a great idea to spend time with your loved ones. We provide our guests with electric bicycles which make it easy for everyone to explore the area. Trips on an electric bike are, contrary to appearances, a kind of activity which allows you to keep fit and healthy. Thanks to them, you can afford to go with the whole family on a longer route without worrying that the elderly or children will quickly become tired. Electric bikes are a lot of fun to experience on two wheels. Whether it's overtaking other road users, beating a friend on a driveway or being confident on more challenging terrain, riding an electric bike will always be exciting.