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Outdoor events

Outdoor events have become more and more popular in Poland in recent years. Outdoor weddings, weddings, birthdays and parties for children are organized. At Bel Mon Resort, we provide a unique atmosphere, closeness to nature, numerous attractions and exceptional, extraordinary cuisine tailored to the style of the celebration.

Outdoor events in Bel Mon Resort

Parties in a tent

You can organize an outdoor event with us and not worry about weather conditions! We will help you throw a party in a tent with outdoor dancing and buffet meal. We know that such events are fashionable now, therefore we are facing this challenge. The ceremony under the tent will have an amazing atmosphere.

Outdoor events in Bel Mon Resort

French garden

The surroundings of Bel Mon Resort are very atmospheric, among others thanks to our French garden. It perfectly complements the area of the manor house. It is a type of baroque garden characterized by remarkable regularity. It is a unique green place that allows you to calm down and is an extraordinary attraction. This garden attracts attention and perfectly complements outdoor events.


I remember this place from my childhood. I lived with my parents on the power station estate. I learnt horse riding at the Indeks Stables. I am glad that this place will retain its character and will soon show us its renewed face.

Agata | Gliwice