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Attractions in the area

Attractive places in Rybnik and its vicinity, ideal for short trips and day trips.

Canoes, Sailboats - water sports and recreation centers

The Rybnik Reservoir is located near the Bel Mon Resort. Several sailing clubs operate above this reservoir. It is here that you can spend a nice time with your family and friends, practicing recreational water sports. The Rybnik Lagoon has been attracting enthusiasts of such activities for many years. Do you like canoeing or sailing? Or maybe you want to try windsurfing? It is a perfect place to start your adventure with these sports. People who already know a little about canoeing and sailing will also have a great time here.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

The Cistercian Monastery and Palace Complex in Rudy

The Cistercian Order was founded around 1098. Then the abbot Robert de Molesmens left the mother monastery, and then founded a new one in Dijon, Burgundy. His idea referred to the original, strict rule derived from St. Benedict. The Order quickly began to gain popularity, both in France and elsewhere in Europe. In 1140 he reached Jędrzejów. It was from there, but only in the middle of the 13th century, that the first monks were brought to Rudy. The abbey was established as a branch of the Lesser Poland district of Jędrzejów. The founder was Prince Władysław III. The monastery and palace complex in Rudy includes: a church which is a three-nave basilica, a quadrangle of a medieval post-Cistercian monastery and the wings of a baroque palace residence added later. A park with a pond adjoins the post-Cistercian monastery and palace complex.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Historic narrow-gauge railway station

The narrow-gauge railway in Rudy was built at the end of the 19th century. The largest station in Rudy Wielkie on the entire line was located halfway. The main building was partially half-timbered. It was here that the station's scout's office was located. Currently, the only remaining sections are those from Stanica, from Rudy to Paproci, as well as the Rybnik Stodoły station. There are many attractions at the station in Rudy. From time to time, the historic buildings are renovated. Unique locomotives and wagons are gathered on the stabling tracks. The Las-49 steam locomotive or the Lxd2 diesel locomotive are already entering the tracks. Occasionally, on the route we will also see the world's oldest running narrow-gauge electric locomotive. It is definitely worth a look here. The place is teeming with life!

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Rybnickie Lake

The Rybnickie Lake is a reservoir that almost never freezes! It offers numerous cafes and recreational centers. A great idea for spending time actively is to rent a sailboat, pedalo or kayak. Warm, transparent water invites you to take a bath. Walks along the lake will also be a pleasure thanks to the numerous routes. Due to the designated road, you can also go on a bicycle trip. Traversing the dam's crown will guarantee beautiful views of the nearby area and the lake. The lake is inhabited by numerous species of fish. The reservoir is artificially stocked and the specimens reach dizzying sizes. Fishing enthusiasts will surely love this place.

There is also a sailing marina on the Rybnik Lagoon. In its vicinity, of course, you will find a sailing club or a training center. Sailors have at their disposal sailing equipment, yachts, kayaks and windsurfing boards. This is another interesting stop near the resort, which allows for active recreation. A sailing school for the youngest, training and competitions is organized here. People interested in regatta sailing will have a great time here.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Golf course

Another interesting place to visit in our area is the Golf Resort Lipiny in nearby Karvin. This golf club organizes training courses and tournaments for people of all skill levels. Playing golf is an opportunity to spend time outdoors in a tranquil atmosphere. This sport is an extraordinary activity that allows you to build unique relationships, and is also a good opportunity for self-improvement. Above all, it is great fun for the whole family! The golf team consists of four people - therefore it is a great attraction for groups of friends.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Bicycle routes

Around the Resort, we can find a lot of bicycle routes that encourage you to go on a trip. A ride along the Ruda River will provide many charming views. The bicycle path along the Rybnik Lake will be perfect for both a lonely adventure and a larger group. Being in the area, it is also worth taking the Pniowiec beach, which is a great place to relax and take a break during a bicycle trip. There is also a Water Sports and Recreation Center by the lagoon, where you can switch to a sailboat or a kayak for a while. A journey along the green trail through the Cistercian Landscape Compositions Landscape Park will also provide many impressions. It will be a great opportunity to come into contact with nature. Maybe the next point on your route will be the Cistercian Monastery and Palace Complex in Rudy? We encourage you to explore the area!

Landscape park

The Landscape Park “Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie” is located in the south-western part of the Silesian Province, occupying the eastern areas of the Racibórz Basin and the northern parts of the Rybnik Plateau. The most characteristic feature of the nature of this Park is the abundance of surface waters in the Ruda, Bierawka and Sumina basins. It was the foundation of the historical activity of the Cistercians, who led, among others, fish farming, and water energy was used as a drive for mills and smithies. The park is characterized by a picturesque landscape and unique flora and fauna. We find here numerous species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and other animals. Other interesting areas of the Park include the Arboretum of the Moravian Gate in Racibórz, the so-called Palowice Lakeland and the ``Głębokie Doły`` and ``Kencerz`` wilderness. The special value of this picturesque area is the cultural landscape, created as a result of the economy of hardworking monks, Cistercians, brought to these lands in the mid-13th century.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Market Square in Rybnik

The beginnings of Rybnik date back to the thirteenth century. The name derives from the fact that centuries ago there was a pond (a fish pond) in the place where the Market Square is now. The spindle-shaped urban layout of the square was formed in the Middle Ages. For a long time, there were modest, wooden booths. The brick tenement houses were not built until the 19th century. Nowadays, while in the Market Square, you can admire all kinds of architectural styles. These are both calm, neoclassical or neo-Renaissance buildings referring to ancient art, as well as decorative Art Nouveau or simple functionalism. The oldest tenement house can be found at the corner of the Market Square and ul. Raciborska.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Guido Mine

While in Silesia, it is worth getting to know its historical and industrial heritage, which is hard coal mining. While visiting the now closed Guido mine, you can see how the mining technology has changed since the 19th century. The exhibition covers almost five kilometers of tourist routes, at levels 170, 320 and 355 meters running under the streets of Zabrze. However, these are not all attractions. Underground there is an electric suspension railway, mining machines and the Saint Barbara Chapel. For those interested in what a thick shift looks like, there is a possibility of carrying out a series of mining works under the supervision of a specialist. On the other hand, those who are tired of impressions and thirsty are invited to the lowest (320m) pub in Europe. Meetings, conferences and cultural events are held in the Guido Mine.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Source: www.zabytkitechniki.pl

Queen Louise Adit

The Queen Louise Adit is a large and varied complex of excavations and ground infrastructure. The exhibitions are grouped by theme and age, so that everyone can find something interesting for themselves. The main attractions are the underground water route, the underground family route, the educational zone, the ground park - 12c park and the military technology park. When visiting Queen Louise, it is worth seeing what miners' work looked like in the past, a unique pavement entirely carved in coal or modern mining machines. A 1 km long rafting route under the center of Zabrze leaves an unforgettable experience. Being in Silesia, it is worth visiting places that are unique monuments of the history of the region.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277

Ignacy Mine

The Ignacy Mine is a facility that combines the history of mining with contemporary cultural life. Located in Rybnik, near our resort, it is an interesting proposition for spending free time. The mine offers many attractions, thanks to which you can feel the industrial atmosphere of the place. These include steam-powered machines of the Kościuszko and Głowacki shaft and the water tower from which you can admire the beautiful panorama of the city. Many cultural events, such as concerts, exhibitions and conferences, take place in the Ignacy Mine. The facility has won many awards and distinctions, and taking into account the proximity of its location to our ministry, it is one of the must-see points on the cultural map of Rybnik.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277


The capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and the former capital of Poland needs no introduction. It is a place with captivating architecture, rich cultural life and great international cuisine. Its unique atmosphere attracts tourists like a magnet. There are so many monuments that during one day there is enough time to visit only a few of the most famous ones. It is worth mentioning, for example, Wawel, St. Mary's Church, the Cloth Hall and the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. After an eventful day of sightseeing, you can head to one of the many clubs or pubs. Krakow attracts with its rich history, great architecture and rich entertainment offer. It is a place worth visiting at any time of the year.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277


The city in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship is associated primarily with the Auschwitz extermination camp and the tragic events of World War II. When visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorials, it is worth staying longer in the city to learn more about its interesting history. Oświęcim is one of the oldest Piast castellan towns in Poland, records of it go back 800 years. In the Castle Museum you can trace the historical development of the city. Important points on the tourist route are, among others The Jewish Museum, the Chewra Lomdei Misznajot Synagogue, the Main Square, or the defense tower. These are just some of the places worth visiting. The boulevards on the Soła River are an offer to spend time for those seeking contact with nature.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277


The city is located in the Silesian Upland, on the Kłodnica River. Until 1945 Gliwice belonged to Germany and it can be noticed while admiring the impressive tenement houses. The old town in Gliwice is a classic of the genre, checked streets and a market square in the middle. On the market square, there is a town hall with a tower and colorful tenement houses with arcades and a Neptune fountain, because Gliwice is a port city. A few minutes' walk from the Gliwice market square, stands the Piast Castle from the mid-14th century. The castle is part of the Museum in Gliwice, where we will see archaeological exhibits, including a mammoth skeleton, as well as folk costumes, armor and religious sculptures. There is a Palm House in the Chopin Park near the market square. In five pavilions, you can see exotic plants that we will not meet in our gardens, several terrariums and huge aquariums with a biotope of the Polish, Asian, Amazon and Lake Tanganyika rivers. It is worth seeing Radiostacja, which is the tallest wooden structure in the world. In the evening, the tower is effectively illuminated.

To organize a trip or book a ticket, please contact the reception – phone: +48 504 800 277