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Bel Mon Resort is an amazing holiday facility designed with the beautiful place in which it is located and all its surroundings in mind. It consists of the boutique Hotel Lili *****, Mona Restaurant and Berry SPA. We invite you to the climatic resort in Rybnik, which will allow you to feel the magic of the region.

Bel Mon Resort

Explore the history of Bel Mon Resort

Order of Cistercians

From the 12th to the beginning of the 16th century there was a Cistercian monastery in Rudy here - in the territory of former Prussia. The Cistercians contributed to the development of the steel industry. There was also a linen bleacher, a glass factory and a water mill. Despite the results of the plebiscite in 1921, during which the majority of residents voted for joining Poland, the village was incorporated into Germany, where it was a border town and was given the name Hochlinden. In 1939, German provocations took place in these areas, consisting in attacks on objects located near the border.
The Cistercian manor house, built in the late Baroque, is the greatest monument of the Stodoły. It was erected by the Cistercians in 1736, and then transformed in 1774. In recent years, it has been used by the hippotherapy center. The interiors of the building are significantly devastated. The manor house has been renovated so that it can be an amazing and important place in Rybnik.

Bel Mon Resort now

Bel Mon Resort

Bel Mon Resort is now located here. It is a private investment in Rybnik, in the Stodoły district. Already in the fourth quarter of 2022, the Resort will invite its guests to the boutique, five-star Hotel Lili *****, the Mona Restaurant, and the Berry SPA facility. The resort perfectly complements the landscape and attractions in this region. The hotel offers 12 modern and sophisticated double rooms. It is worth mentioning that the facility is also adapted for people with disabilities.