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Attractions at the resort

Bel Mon Resort Ours is an ideal place not only for relaxation, but also for active recreation in the fresh air!

MONA Restaurant

The Mona Restaurant is an extremely stylish and exclusive setting. The restaurant is located in a 17th-century post-Cistercian monument. It can accommodate about 85 people. The tasteful interiors will guarantee a luxurious meeting place, and the highest-quality cuisine will provide guests with a unique culinary experience. We use only the best ingredients to prepare our dishes. Our team of chefs trained under the supervision of a master such as Kurt Scheller. We invite to the restaurant not only hotel guests, but also every gourmet who appreciates delicious food.

BERRY SPA Wellness Center

Berry SPA is a place that creates perfect conditions to soothe the body and soul after all the hardships of everyday life. It consists of two parts: dry and wet. As part of the SPA, you can use: a swimming pool, jacuzzi, both dry, wet and infrared saunas, as well as biological regeneration rooms and a wide range of cosmetic treatments. Here you will take care of your body in harmony with nature. We use only the best cosmetics from reputable companies for care. Thanks to the latest technology, medicine and gifts of nature, as well as exceptional, qualified people, you will feel holistically cared for - on a physical, emotional and mental level..

A stud with a paddock

Do you love horses? Nothing unusual! They are extremely dignified animals. That is why we decided to create a stud right next to our Resort. You will find horses that you can rent for a ride around the area, as well as a place for your own animal. The north-west part of Rybnik is famous for its picturesque landscape and many opportunities for communing with nature. Could there be a better place for a horseback riding trip? There is also a paddock in our facility, which is perfect for training and presenting horses.

French garden

The Bel Mon Resort has a French garden. This is an excellent proposition for people who like an orderly landscape and closeness to nature. It is a type of baroque garden characterized by remarkable regularity. It is a beautiful, green place that allows you to calm down and is an extraordinary attraction. Such gardens were an important addition to baroque manors and palaces. The garden is varied with decorative elements that give it a unique atmosphere.

Picnics in nature

Every occasion is good to find out how delicious it can taste when you eat together with family, friends or colleagues in the bosom of nature. Nothing prevents you from organizing a trip to the nearby areas around the Resort thanks to our offer of picnic baskets. At your disposal are the meanders of the Ruda River, the Pniowiec beach or the meadows near the Mona restaurant.

Yoga outdoors

For many people, physical activity is a way to relax and have a good day. We organize yoga classes for our guests. Why Yoga? It is a type of physical activity that meets the needs of body and soul. It combines exercises and relaxation techniques. Yoga has grown in popularity in recent years. It is worth seeing if you also like this physical activity. Our instructors ensure that the classes are varied and effective.

Electric bicycles

Bel Mon Resort recommends electric bicycles as a form of active entertainment. The bike is equipped with an electric drive, which is a great convenience and supports the cyclist, so you do not have to give up physical activity and worry that you will run out of strength to reach the destination of the trip. The electric drive allows you to cover a much greater distance than with a traditional bicycle. Bike rides are a great idea for a family holiday. Thanks to this, we get to know picturesque corners, reach places that were previously unknown and observe the beauty of nature from a slightly different perspective.