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Gym regulations

1. Reading and complying with these rules and regulations is obligatory to access and use the gym.
2. Before you start training, check the equipment’s technical condition – defects should be reported to Berry SPA front desk personnel.
3. The gym is open to the public, Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
4. Hotel Guests can use the gym free of charge.
5. Anyone under the age of 14 may use the gym only under the supervision of a parent or a carer.
6. Users of the gym equipment exercise at their own risk.
7. If you have a medical condition, you should consult your physician before exercising.
8. Persons violating public order or the provisions of these rules will be removed from the gym, with a possible institution of a petty offence proceedings.
9. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating agents are not allowed to use the gym equipment.
10. It is forbidden to bring any dangerous objects, drugs or psychotropic substances to the gym.
11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco products on the gym is strictly prohibited.
12. Indecent, loud and vulgar behavior is forbidden.
13. Any damage or destruction of the equipment caused by its misuse shall be the sole responsibility of the person who caused such damage.
Such a person shall be liable for full amount of damage.
14. After completing workout, the equipment used should be left clean in a good technical condition.
15. The hotel shall not be responsible for any items, including valuables, brought into the gym by the guests.
16. All complaints and requests should be submitted to the hotel front desk.