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Rules and regulations for the use of saunas and steam rooms at Berry Spa

1. Please read the counter indications and recommendations at the SPA’s front desk before accessing sauna or steam room. If you are not sure whether you can enjoy this type of treatment in your state of health, you should contact your physician prior to the visit. In the case of non-compliance, Cistercium Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable for possible adverse effects on your health.
2. The guest shall read and follow the instructions for use of the sauna and steam rooms which are available both at the SPA’s front desk and at the sauna doors.
3. Guests who are over 18 years of age can use the sauna and steam room without any supervision.
4. Children and persons under the age of 18 may use the sauna and steam rooms only under the supervision of their parents or carers.
5. Saunas and steam rooms should be used as intended, exclusively for wellness. It is prohibited to damage the equipment and to contaminate sauna room, bath and the showers.
6. The Berry Spa personnel shall have the right and duty to inspect the cleanliness and functionality of the sauna and bathing facilities at any time, even while the Guests are using the abovementioned facilities.
7. Be sure to wash your body and disinfect your feet before entering the sauna or steam room.
8. It is forbidden to bring sharp objects, items made of glass, mobile phones, cameras and to consume alcohol or food inside the sauna and steam rooms.
9. Please remove all metal objects before entering the sauna and steam room as they may cause burns.
10. It is advised to remove contact lenses and glasses before entering the sauna and steam rooms.
11. During their stay in the sauna and steam room, the Guests are required to behave appropriately. Wearing a swimsuit or covering body with a towel while using the abovementioned facilities is mandatory. Otherwise, Berry Spa shall have the right to ask the Guest to leave the pool and spa zone without a refund.
12. It is forbidden to use personal fragrance and essential oils or other agents in the sauna and steam room.
13. It is prohibited to lean your body against the heater and its structure in the dry sauna. Such actions may lead to severe burns.
14. When using the steam room, it is forbidden to approach or rest your feet on the steam generator.
15. Berry Spa reserves the right to close the sauna to the public for individual bookings or maintenance work. In such an instance, you will be asked to use other saunas.
16. If you feel unwell, leave the sauna or steam room immediately, hydrate, rest or inform the Berry Spa front desk.
17. Any safety-threatening event in the sauna or damage to the sauna must be immediately reported to the Berry Spa front desk personnel.
18. Observance of the rules and regulations will ensure proper performance of the program and maintain a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Observance of the abovementioned rules and regulations is necessary to ensure safe stay in our saunas and steam rooms.