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Swimming pool’s rules and regulations

1. Berry SPA with a pool and sauna zone is open daily between 9.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m.
2. Visitors pay a fee before entering the pool zone as per current price list.
3. The pool and sauna zone is available free of charge both for Guests of Lili Hotel and the individual clients upon undergoing treatments amounting to more than PLN 350 (say: three hundred and fifty zlotys) with an exception of body sculpting treatments and treatments that utilize hightech equipment.
Otherwise a fee for the pool is as per the current price list.
4. Upon purchase an admission to the pool and sauna zone at the front desk of Berry Spa, Guests receive chip bracelets for the lockers in the changing room of Berry Spa. The bracelets shall be returned upon leaving the premises. If a bracelet is lost or damaged, Cistercium Sp. z o.o. may charge the Guest with a fee of PLN 200.
5. Before entering the pool area, please read the applicable Rules and Regulations.
6. Running and jumping into the water is prohibited in the pool.
7. Individual guests should leave the pool and sauna zone by 8.45 p.m.
The guests of Lili Hotel should leave the pool and sauna area by 10.45 p.m at the latest.
8. Clothes should only be changed in the changing room of Berry Spa.
9. A swimsuit should comply with hygiene and aesthetic/moral requirements and should not have zips or other metal or plastic elements which could pose a threat to health or safety of the user or damage the elements of the swimming pool equipment. Women should wear one-piece or two-piece close-fitting swimsuit, men must wear close-fitting slips.
10. Before stepping into the water, every pool user is required to use a shower and disinfect his/her feet.
11. Parents of children under the age of 3 shall provide their children with protective pull-ups. The pull-ups are available at the front desk.
12. Children under the age of 7 and children with no swimming skills may use the pool only under the supervision of adults – adults should constantly accompany their children at arm’s length.
13. Children under the age of 14 can use the pool only under the supervision of their parents or adult carers.
14. Lounging is permitted in designated areas.
15. Visitors are allowed to use the pool attractions (massagers, whirlpools, saunas, icefall), without restrictions. The abovementioned attractions are included in the admission fee and may be used at the visitor’s own risk.
16. Cistercium Sp. z o.o. shall not be responsible for any corrective glasses and contact lenses brought into the SPA or the pool and sauna zone. The glasses should be worn in a way that prevents them from falling off.
17. In the swimming pool zone it is forbidden to:

  • throw any objects into the water that do not comply with the swimming pool rules and regulations,
  • destroy the equipment,
  • pollute the swimming pool water,
  • cause situations that are hazardous for the pool’s visitors,
  • use rescue and floatation equipment for purposes other than intended,
  • climb onto railings, walls and other equipment forming an integral part of swimming pool facilities.

18. As for the organized groups, the group leader is responsible for its members.
19. Persons whose physical features indicate: skin diseases, ringworm, warts, erythema, rosacea, etc., open wounds, infectious diseases, poorly healing wounds, lack of personal hygiene, epilepsy, frequent intravenous injections, breathing difficulties, balance disorders, aggressive behavior, that are under influence of alcohol and other intoxicants are shall not be admitted to the pool.
20. All cuts, injuries and disorders shall be immediately reported to the nearest Berry Spa employee or directly to the SPA front desk.
21. In the event of loss, contamination or destruction of items or equipment belonging to Berry Spa or Lili Hotel, the Guests are required to financially compensate the damage caused. The amount of compensation shall be determined each time on an individual basis, by estimating losses incurred. The Director of Bel Mon Resort shall decide on the amount of compensation.
22. Bel Mon Resort administration is entitled to temporarily restrict access to the pool in the event of exceeding a maximum number of visitors. In such a case, Lili Hotel guests shall be prioritized to access the pool. The pool can host up to 12 guests at any given time.
23. The administration of Berry SPA shall be entitled to temporarily restrict access to the pool and sauna zone during maintenance works.
24. Organized groups of more than 6 people should pre-register their visit at the Berry Spa front desk due to the limited number of places in the pool basin.
25. Each guest in the swimming pool must immediately comply with any announcements or warning and information signals that are issued.
25. In disputable matters not regulated herein, Polish Civil Code provisions shall apply.